While moving the server, database backup was corrupted and we lost every data for server. You need re-register in order to play.

Server IP, How To Connect, How to Register? [MEGA-THREAD]

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Offical Server IP's:

  • t.emreoyun.com:7777 (Multiserver Router)

Note: Type /servers to show all connectable servers and type /<servername> to join the server. Example: "/lobby" for back to lobby, "/build" to join free-build server.

How To Connect:

  1. Open Terraria and click "Multiplayer".
  2. Select your username(if you haven't any or username is taken, create a new character with new username) and click "Play".
  3. On next menu, click "Online" and click add(If you already added our servers, select one of them and click "Play").
  4. On "Server IP" section, type one of our addresses(example t.emreoyun.com), on "Server Port" section, type the server port(7777 is added by default)
  5. Then click Play to join. Once you connected successfully, server will saved on Menu(refer How To Connect Section 3)

How To Register:

Once you connected, you will see a notice on chat says you need /register or /login to play.

  1. Open chat and type "/register <password>" to register your account(If registration fails, your username taken before you, refer How To Connect Section 2 to create a new username).
  2. After registration completed, type "/login <password>" to login.

Our servers have auto-login for device to device. While you are using same device, you not need execute "/login" again for your next connections. But PLEASE NOTE DOWN OR REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD. If you change device, you need that password to login(refer How To Register Section 2). Forgotten passwords can not be recoverable.

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